Typhoon Haikui makes second landfall – DW – 09/03/2023

Typhoon Haikui makes second landfall – DW – 09/03/2023

Parts of Taiwan were flooded, trees downed and rain continued to fall after Typhoon Haigui made a second landfall early Monday morning.

On Sunday, coastal Taitung bore the brunt of the typhoon’s initial impact. The typhoon was downgraded to a severe tropical storm after making a second landfall in southwestern Kaohsiung.

Haikui initially appeared to have moved across the island and out to sea before the second landslide.

Thousands were evacuated

More than 7,000 people were evacuated, hundreds of flights were canceled, and more than 217,000 households lost power. As of Monday, 58,000 homes were without power. There were no reports of casualties.

Local reports highlighted significant flooding in Kaohsiung, and nearly 80 people suffered minor injuries during the storm.

Schools and commercial establishments have been closed in 14 cities due to heavy rains.

Typhoon Haikui heads towards Taiwan

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The President urged caution

Typhoon Haigui brought heavy rain and strong winds to eastern Taiwan on Sunday, becoming the first major storm to make a direct hit on the island in four years.

Sunday,President Tsai Ing-wen He urged people to exercise caution as Haigui “will be the first typhoon to make landfall in Taiwan in four years.”

He asked people to avoid going out, not going to the hills, heading towards the beach, fishing or indulging in water sports.

Taiwan’s president has asked people to be cautious as the country prepares for haikuPicture: CARLOS GARCIA RAWLINS/REUTERS

Taiwan has mobilized its soldiers and other equipment such as amphibious vehicles and inflatable rubber boats.

Haikui will now affect the South and North East regions.

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Haiku was considered a weaker storm than Sayola

According to the Tropical Storm Hazard Watch, Typhoon Haigui was expected to be a category 1 or 2 typhoon when it hit Taiwan.

Chayola is widespread throughout southern China

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It is considered a very weak storm in comparison Typhoon Chayola hit Hong Kong and southern China on Saturday.

On Monday morning, China’s national weather and ocean forecasters issued warnings as Haigui moved through the Taiwan Strait toward China.

The last time Taiwan lost a life was Typhoon Bailu in 2019.

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