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Ukraine moves ‘closer’ to membership – DW – 07/10/2024

Olaf Scholz said, “Germany is ready to take on an increased leadership role”. The German chancellor said his country has a “special responsibility” as the largest NATO country in Europe.

“I will fulfill that responsibility fully,” Schales said.

I spoke to delegates attending the “EU Security Night” and it was clear that they had high expectations for Germany as a stabilizing force in the security alliance.

They are not the only hopefuls.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky opened a bilateral meeting with Olaf Scholz, saying, “Olaf, thanks for the air defense.”

Germany provided Ukraine with a third Patriot air defense system and made extensive efforts to gather more within NATO.

German Chancellor Olaf Schalz with the Capitol building behind him in Washington
Scholz met Zelensky at the NATO summit Image: Kay Nietfeld/dpa/Image Alliance

Asked if he wants to help with Zelenskyy’s latest request, Scholes is a little more hesitant.

Zelenskyy wants more fighter jets and permission to strike deeper into Russian territory.

Scholz will now publicly discuss what was achieved — a $50 billion loan based on frozen Russian assets and a new air defense package.

Scholz has repeatedly promised that the Germans will not be drawn into the conflict. NATO’s support measures for Ukraine were not allowed to be called “operations” following a German veto.

There were fears in Berlin that this might look too much like NATO getting too involved in the conflict.

So it is fair to say that Germany is ready to take Leadership role is high At the same time, the situation in Ukraine should be very cautious.

DW’s chief political editor Michaela Goffner accompanies the German delegation to the NATO summit in Washington.

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